Kenya-commemorative-stones Commemorative Stones will last the lifetime of the building or event and will permanently capture an important event or ceremony. These plaques are used to honor a special occasion or important individual and function by means of a permanent marker to remember a special event. COMMEMORATIVE STONES

Opening Plaques

Kenya-Opening-plaques An opening plaque will be an integral part of a new building or function. It is a permanent marker to remember a very special occasion or unveiling by a respected dignitary or official. Opening plaques typically use minimal words. 'This building was officially opened by Honorable... ', or Honorable ... unveiled this plaque to celebrate....'. Opening Plaques

Unveiling Ceremony Plaques

To properly celebrate a special occasion it is customary to hold an unveiling ceremony with a suitable Plaque. The inscription carved on an unveiling plaque will typically consist of the following: a suitable Logo, introduction (eg' this plaque was unveiled by/on'), by whom (Eg. Honorable ..'), a date (on Monday 30th May 2016), and finally a reason (eg. 'to commemorate the official opening of') Unveiling Ceremony Plaques

Remembrances Marble & Granite Commemorative, Unveiling, Openings and Event Plaques

granite-plaques-made-by-kenya-marble-quarries-ltdGranite is one of the most versatile materials known to man, and for this reason is an ideal material to use for plaques. Granite is extremely weather resistant and suitable for both exterior and interior use. The inscription can either be left carved and looking natural or alternatively can be painted Gold.

Granite is available in a range of colours, however the most popular colour for plaques is Black.

Granite Plaques

Marble-plaques-made-by-kenya-marble-quarries-ltdMarble is a timeless classic material that has been used for generations to carve Opening Stones and Opening plaques. Marble is a softer material than Granite, however due to its natural beauty appeals to many people. The letters on a Marble plaque are frequently filled with black paint to make them stand out. In the past we filled letters with lead.

Marble is available in a range of colours, however the most popular colour is White Marble with natural subtle veining.

Marble Plaques

Granite-Logo_plaques-made-by-kenya-marble-quarries-ltdA professional Opening Plaque has many key characteristics that enable it to be an integral part of a building from the first moment it is unveiled for the entire life cycle of a building or event. For this reason it is often essential to carve a logo on the plaque to enable a full representation of the building, business, or event.

We are able to carve your logo as required on all our plaques.

Stone Plaques With Logo

headstone-plaques-kenyaMemorial Headstones Plaques are constructed from materials such as Marble and Granite. Both materials are a natural durable stone suitable for memorial headstones. Granite & Marble are among the world’s most beautiful and prestigious natural stones. We have been manufacturing memorials & religious works of cemeteries, graves and headstones since 1923.

Headstone Plaques